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Lexi Richards

You know that feeling?

That really sudden awareness when you walk into a room full of important, influential people and you’re immediately conscious of the fact that you chose to wear your oldest pair of black tailored pants… the not quite black anymore ones that you’ve worn to death… and all of a sudden you’re the daggiest woman in the room?


You’ve thrown together an outfit in a rush and you’ve forgotten about that managerial meeting with the big boss later that day and now you’re wondering whether you can go home and change into your power suit since you’re aiming for that promotion and all?

Well, same here. That’s me.

If I remembered a jacket for the days I had a Court appearance – I was acing workplace fashion. But… let me start at the beginning, I’m Lexi – the Founder of The Corporate Collective and I’m a Lawyer by trade. The kind of law governed by deadlines and time limits and Court dates where every now and then you come up for air and wonder when you last ate.

Just like you,

I don’t work in one of those casual, “we play ping pong to de-stress” kind of offices (hello Google ,if you’re hiring). The last thing on my mind, particularly in those first few years, was whether my outfit was #onpoint.

When I FINALLY emerged

from the nest of paper on my desk I realised I was missing out on something I loved… that feeling of (and bear with me here because I’m not that literate this morning) “DAYUUM”, when I wear something amazing and walk into work ready to tackle the day.

You know what I mean – that outfit that says, I’m here to get shit done.

And then… on casual Friday and in front of the whole office I hear that nasty co-worker (yep, you’ve got one too), “You can’t wear casual clothes Lexi, jeans just make you look like a toddler”. And, it dawned on me, people were actually judging my capability and talent in the workplace on what I was wearing – I mean, REALLY?

Cue… major breakthrough (yup, I’m a little slow on the uptake).

I needed a powerful new wardrobe – STAT. Just like you, I wanted to be taken seriously and I wanted a crack at the partnership (did I mention high expectations already?).

Just like you

I wanted to be taken seriously and I wanted a crack at the partnership (did I mention high expectations already?).

You’d think, at this point in my thinking, I would have that light bulb moment and go “I’ll start a business”. Alas, no. I just started shopping, A LOT. Much to my partner’s despair, packages started arriving daily – one from Cue, one from Forcast (because #necessity), one from C/MEO and so on.

What changed? Everything.

People noticed – heads turned in the street! And not just those pesky P Platers driving past.

Executives in their fancy cars gave subtle nods of approval, women in the office gushed “where did you get that” and the barista complimented me on my “newfound” confidence.

Best of all - my boss gave me control of the room.

HERE’S THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT you’ve been waiting for – why didn’t we have hub of style catering for the professional? Clothes that take you from office to bar to brunch? Clothes that made you feel like you could command a room, powerful enough to lead a board meeting and stylish enough to pare back for brunch on the weekend? ALL IN ONE PLACE?

This is where it finally sunk in -

The Corporate Collective came to fruition and after years of planning and lots of looking at clothes (if my partner is reading this – ONLY looking), we launched in April 2019.


- based on your reaction and beautiful reviews since launch, you've been waiting for us all along!

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